Burn Your Boats and Cooking Stoves: Defeating Terror through Local Pressure

A piece on unintended consequences reposted from criticalconflictanalysis.com

Critical Conflict analysis

A central theme of Critical Conflict Analysis is the inseparability of humanitarian efforts and security efforts. Above any particular theory, thoughtfulness and truth seeking must be valued in order to arrive at the best possible theory. This involves open discussion and reasoned disagreements. In the spirit of continued discussion, this article from a new contributor argues that humanitarian work and security are not always mutually supportive in resolving asymmetric conflict. The two sectors may even undermine each other in the effort to end widespread Islamic terrorist regimes. 

(This article is in response to one written by CCA’s editor. Read that article here.)

img_3131 Iraqi Soldiers’ Abandoned Equipment. Photo: Rudaw.net


By Stu Hashimoto

It is certainly true that considerations of physical security are inseparable from any humanitarian effort. But the relationship between humanitarianism and security is a little more complicated than mere mutualism. There is always a relationship, but the relationship may…

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